Pre-assessed Formulations

We offer the largest, most-flexible and most cost-effective range of pre-assessed formulations. We have a carefully curated range of formulations, offering you the quickest and most efficient way of building your cosmetics business. Choose from soaps, hair care, bath/shower products, skin care and colour cosmetics. 

We also have a range of packages for custom assessments here


Bath salts, Bath Soaks, Bath Bombs, Shower Steamers & Bombs, Bath Oils, Bath Melts & Truffles, Bath Scoops, Solid Bubble Baths & more.



CP/HP Soaps. Emulsified skin scrubs. Whipped Soap / Scrubs. Cleansing balms. Oil-to-milk lotion bars. M&P Soaps, Soap sponges. Salt / Sugar / Coffee scrubs & more.



Perfumes. Body butters, balms, lotions, creams and salves. Lip balms, gloss and butter. Natural deodorants. Massage candles. Lotion / Butter bars. Hand & cuticle balms. Beard oil & butter. Magnesium balms & more. 



Shampoo & Conditioners. Shampoo & Conditioner Bars. Leave-in conditioner. Curl/Hair custard. Hair oils. Deep conditioning hair masque. Scalp scrubs. Styling clay / pomade. 


How Pre-assessed Formulations Work

Our pre-assessed formulations offer huge flexibility, excellent value for money, and the quickest way to either launch, or expand your product range. 

Each assessment can be purchased with either essential oils or fragrance oils, or you can choose to include both (for an additional fee). All products may also be made fragrance-free. 

If you are using essential oils, you must choose them from the list provided in the product listing. We have a huge range of essential oils and you can even add extras for an additional fee. For an additional £65 you can include a HUGE 41 essential oils in your assessment. 

You can use fragrance oils from ANY supplier, and may even use multiple suppliers in a single assessment. If you use fragrance oils in your assessment, you must provide us with the IFRA, Allergen and SDS documents from the supplier. Our easy online form allows you to detail the fragrance oils you are using and upload the documents directly to the form. Each assessment comes with 8 fragrances as standard, but, you can add additional fragrances (there is no limit on the number of fragrances you may add-on). 

Your ingredients / supplies can be bought from any supplier. They just have to be cosmetic or food-grade and purchased from a reputable supplier. You do not have to use a specific supplier, and you aren't tied into buying supplies from a single place (meaning you can shop around for the best value supplies!). 

You will receive the CPSR (valid in the UK & EU) and a brief formulation guide. We usually get these to you within a few days, but at busy times it can take up to 10 working days. 

Custom Assessments

If you have your own custom formulation we can also assess this for you! We offer one of the most flexible, helpful and cost-effective assessment services. We are experts in understanding the needs of the small-business and will work with you to get your product assessed and ready for market. We do not ever "fail" a product - if your product will not pass an assessment we will explain this to you before any payment is taken. We always strive to ensure your products are safe, compliant and suitable for sale but will keep the cost as low as possible. 


If you have a product with no variations. This is the assessment you need.



If you have a product in a variety of fragrances and / or colours / shades, we can complete a multi-variant assessment. We do 5, 8, 10, 12 variant packages. If you have more than 12 variants, contact us for a quote. 



If you have a product you wish to have greater flexibility with, we can produce flexible assessments. You choose a set of colour and / or fragrances you wish to use, and you will be able to create a much larger range of products with a single assessment. This assessment is perfect for "seasonal" products.